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Ways To Make Your Senior Living Apartment Feel Like Home

How To Help Your Loved One get settled in a new community.

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Creating Comfort and Familiarity.

Whether moving yourself or helping a loved one move into a senior living community, it’s a big change all around. We have a few tips to make your senior living apartment feel like home and help in making a smooth transition for everyone involved. As you bring personal touches into the new living space, it’s easier for you or your loved one to feel more settled and comfortable right from the start.

  1. Find a community that feels welcoming and comfortable. When looking at different communities, take notice of how friendly the staff and residents are and how they interact with one another. If it’s the right fit, you’ll feel warmly welcomed and at ease.
  2. Check community guidelines. The next important step after you’ve found the ideal place is to look into any rules or recommendations provided by the community regarding changes to your residence. It’s helpful to know about any restrictions up front.
  3. Decide what furniture to use. Use our floor plans and square footage information to determine what furniture pieces will best fit in the new space or if any new items will be needed.
  4. Add familiarity with personal items. Try to reflect the former living space of your loved one, even in small ways. If possible, use their favored bedding and other items to help ease anxiety about sleeping in a new place.
  5. Incorporate photos and other memories. Sentimental photos of family, friends and personal experiences will not only make you or your loved one smile and reminisce on fond memories, but also can help jumpstart conversations with new neighbors.
  6. Be supportive. After your loved one has moved in, it’s time to for them to enjoy all the social opportunities that come with retirement living. Encourage them to dine in common areas with other residents, take part in community activities and visit with neighbors.
  7. Stay in touch. It’s more important than ever for your loved one to remain connected to friends and family outside of their new community. People we love are what truly create a “home” so be sure to get involved in any way you can, especially by meeting their new friends and neighbors!
  8. Make new memories. Don’t forget you or your loved one will be living life to the fullest and certainly be making new memories. Perhaps paint new décor in art class or take new photos to add to your collection. The more involved you or your loved one become at your new home, the more at home you will feel.

Remember, it takes time to fully adjust – but the team at The Palms is always here to help you or your loved one feel at ease. Before long, our beautiful new senior living community will feel just like home.

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