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Importance Of Socialization For Those With Memory Loss

How To Find A Greater Sense Of Belonging

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Connecting With Others Benefits Us As We Age

For some seniors – particularly those with memory loss – there may be fewer opportunities to socialize as they age. Whether driving and/or getting out of the house has become more difficult, their circle of friends has become smaller, or their memory impairment interferes with participating in activities, older adults tend to socialize less as they age.

This decrease can be counteracted in a senior living community with a high level of social support, which you’ll find at The Palms at Plantation. For individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, engaging with other people in social situations has been shown to be particularly helpful and may even slow the progress of these conditions. One study found that cognitive abilities declined 70 percent more slowly in individuals who had frequent social connections compared to those who had little social contact with others.

In memory care at The Palms, we incorporate innovative therapies, purposeful activities and meaningful enrichment programming through Masterful Moments®. With opportunities for socialization so readily available, residents at The Palms can realize benefits like stress reduction, better physical health and fewer psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.

Research has shown that feeling lonely or isolated can have a negative physical and emotional impact on older adults. Seniors who are chronically lonely often have elevated systolic blood pressure and are also at greater risk for anxiety and depression.

At The Palms, we believe that regular socialization can make a big difference in the quality of life for those impaired by Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. And our memory care neighborhood will give your loved one the opportunity to stay as safe, healthy and connected as possible in an uplifting, compassionate setting.

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